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Over its ten years of operation, The Fugard Theatre produced, screened, and hosted over 180 productions and events and over 250 Cinema screenings. From original West-End musicals, brand new South African musicals, new writing and music to cinema screenings, the volume and range of work produced by the Fugard was considerable, considering its lifespan. 

The Fugard prided itself in producing new and original works and stagings and never staged any so-called “blueprint” productions. Instead, a significant focus was on reviving and creating fresh presentations of existing works and originating new South African plays and musicals. As a result, the Fugard was regarded as consistently raising the bar and benchmark for production standards. The Fugard’s most considerable achievement was an original, large-scale, non-replica production of West Side Story, which ran at the Artscape Opera House and toured Johannesburg over multiple award-winning seasons. Another producing achievement for the Fugard was the revival of King Kong, the first South African Black Musical, which took Eric Abraham twenty years to bring back to life.

West Side Story, 2015​.
The Painted Rocks at Revolver Creek, 2016​.

Many South African Premieres of international and new South African works were produced and staged in both the Main Theatre and the Studio Theatre. Most notably, the world premieres of several new works by Athol Fugard. World and South African Premieres of Athol Fugard’s plays included The Train Driver (world premiere), The Birdwatchers (world premiere), The Blue Iris (world premiere at The National Arts Festival, produced by The Fugard), Die Laaste Karretjiegraf (world premiere), The Shadow of The Hummingbird (South African premiere) and The Painted Rocks Of Revolver Creek (South African premiere). The producing team of the Fugard were always immensely proud to be able to host both Athol himself as well as his powerful works. 

Local and international collaborations were also at the core of the Fugard artistic vision, with many successful co-productions, most recently The Fugard Theatre/Royal Shakespeare co-production Kunene and the King, which transferred to London’s West End. The play was penned by performed by John Kani and the late South African-born London-based Anthony Sher. 

Below is a complete list of all the productions that The Fugard produced. In each entry, you will find production information, cast and crew listings, behind-the-scenes photos, and associated media.

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Production photography credits: Jesse Kate Kramer, Daniel Rutland Manners, Claude Bernardo.

Kunene and the King, 2019.



The Fugard Theatre was a regular feature during the annual theatre awards seasons in Cape Town and Johannesburg at the prestigious Fleur Du Caps and Naledi Theatre Awards