The Bird Watchers


The world premiere of Athol Fugard’s The Bird Watchers opened at the Fugard Theatre in May 2011 and was directed and written by Athol Fugard.

Garth and Lenny are sitting under a umGwenya tree. Somewhere in the banter, it transpires that a third friend, Rosalyn wants to bring about a dramatic change in Garth’s life, thereby challenging the ties that have kept this friendship triangle bound for so long. Jump forward in time, the tree now a pitiful stump, an older Garth greets the audience, and he is searching for the word that will best describe the unique journey upon which his life has taken him.

Following the first performance, Athol Fugard gave a live Q& A of the audience.


First performance
10 May 2011

Final performance
4 June 2011

Main Theatre

Original Cast

Sean Taylor

Guy De Lancey

Dorothy Ann Gould

Creative team

Written and directed by
Athol Fugard

Set and Costume Design
Saul Radomsky

Lighting Design
Mannie Manim

Sound Design
James Webb

Set construction
Jesse Kramer

Mark McKeown

Jesse Kramer

Poster Design
Jon Keevy

Programme Design
Signature Design

Production team

Production Manager
Jaco Nothnagel

Stage Manager Assistant
Marisa Steenkamp

Stage Manager
Queenie Jacob

Technical Crew
Clynton Sibusiso Hlubi

Production photos