The Bar

Welcome and bienvenue.

The Fugard bar was known as one of the most hospitable and enjoyable theatre bars in Cape Town. Synonymous with world class service, friendly staff, and a great selection of food and beverages, the Fugard bar was at the core of the visitor’s experence. Bar managers and staff worked constantly to improve the audience’s experience. The Fugard foyer itself was a very special place where audiences and artists mingled both before and after shows. From the warmth of the welcoming security guards to the world-class bar and ushering services, the Fugard was renowned for its hospitality.

Food for thought

Delicious meals were served on-site before and after shows, encouraging audiences to spend as much time as possible at the Theatre. From simple pastries and popcorn to piping hot freshly made pizza, nachos, and bagel burgers there was always something for everyone

Rise and shine

The Fugard coffee bar was also a highlight of the space and was open from 06:30 in the morning and open to the public, encouraging people who live and work in the city to see The Fugard as a place they could access at any time and not only when attending a show.

Red or white?

In 2012, to mark Athol Fugard’s 80th birthday year, Wendy and Hylton Applebaum’s DeMorgenzon Wines partnered with The Fugard Theatre to create house wines specially bottled for Fugard Theatre  patrons. Unique labels were designed featuring the image of Athol Fugard. From Syrah, Sauvignon Blanc and Chenin Blanc, with each passing year new vintages were offered, bringing patrons a world-class fine wine at an affordable price.  

A night to remember

The Fugard Bar hosted over 150 opening nights as well as numerous events and festivals and served as a meeting place for Cape Town performing artists and creatives.