The Building Today

The District Six Homecoming Centre (HCC)

In September 2021, The Fugard Theatre closed its doors and was handed back to the District 6 Museum as a fully functioning theatre venue. The building, which was fully renovated into a functioning theatre, has relaunched as events and theatre space and is now called the HCC. In addition, it has renamed the two theatre spaces, the Avalon (formerly The Studio) and the Star (formerly the Main Theatre), after two historically significant bioscope spaces in the historic District 6 area. 

Café Societi

The Foyer Bar and coffee shop is now run by Café Society and is open six days a week from 7 am – 7 pm.

Pictured: Olivia Damon and her team at Café Societi in the Homecoming Centre. From left, Shameema Siwayo, Shaqeel Abrahams, Olivia Damon, Anesu Mubandu, Faseegah Najjar. (Photo: Supplied)


The HCC is currently managed by Neighbourgood, which aims to create an all-inclusive rentable event and working venue for the District 6 Board and Homecoming Centre