The Fugard: A 6-Part Mini-Docuseries

Behind the scenes

Go behind the scenes and uncover the hidden stories and gain a unique perspective on a decade of Fugard Theatre history through our 6-part documentary series. With exclusive interviews featuring Athol Fugard, the theatre’s founding producer and benefactor, as well as valuable insights from the management team, creative forces and artists behind the scenes and on stage. Immerse yourself in the remarkable 10-year journey of The Fugard Theatre, renowned as one of South Africa’s most innovative and influential theatrical venues.

Part 1: The Fugard Theatre's construction with architect Shaun Adendorff

Acclaimed architect Shaun Adendorff of Rennie Scurr Adendorff takes us on a captivating journey, peeling back the layers of the story of the building that housed The Fugard Theatre and detailing the process of the theatre’s design and construction. Gain unique insights through exclusive, never-before-seen footage that provides a distinct perspective on the theatre’s inception and how it was built.

Part 2: An Act Of Defiance

Eric Abraham, the founding producer and philanthropist, unveils the fascinating story that led to the creation of The Fugard Theatre. He delves into the genesis of the idea, chronicles his pivotal decision to construct the theatre, and shares insights into the naming process. Reflecting on a remarkable decade of theatrical life and work, Abraham explores the origin story of The Fugard Theatre, providing a comprehensive look at its inception and intended purpose. Featuring an exclusive interview with Athol Fugard, the theatre’s namesake, who shares his perspective on being the namesake of this iconic cultural institution.

Part 3: Setting A New Course

In late 2010, The Fugard Theatre underwent a change in leadership, with Daniel Galloway taking the reins. This episode delves into the theatre’s formative years and the transformative shift in artistic vision. Gain valuable insights from key members of The Fugard’s management and creative teams as they recount this pivotal period in the theatre’s history.

Part 4: Moving At A Pace

Explore the remarkable world of original and newly crafted South African productions at The Fugard Theatre. Gain an exclusive look into the brilliant creative minds driving these shows as they share their insights and experiences, offering a behind-the-scenes view of the show’s development. Discover how this period established The Fugard as one of South Africa’s most exciting and innovative theatres in South Africa’s rich theatrical history.

Part 5: A Great Gift

As The Fugard Theatre continued to evolve its artistic direction, achieving critical acclaim and success by staging multiple original, award-winning productions, with a specific emphasis on developing original South African works. Among these accomplishments, the notable restaging of the musical “King Kong.” This period marked a significant phase of creative growth and exciting innovation in its production offerings, as the Fugard Team ventured into new projects.

Part 6: The Fugard Experience

Over the course of a remarkable decade, The Fugard Theatre underwent a transformative journey, redefining the theatre-going experience for South African audiences. Beyond its outstanding performances and unwavering dedication to artistic innovation, The Fugard became a haven where artists and collaborators were not only welcomed but also deeply appreciated at every level. It fostered a space dedicated to celebrating a shared humanity and the exchange of artistic brilliance.

Falls The Shadow

A documentary chronicling the life and times of Athol Fugard. Produced by Portobello Pictures and directed by Tony Palmer.