The Fugard Series

Behind the curtain

A series of videos and interviews with individuals who worked for and with The Fugard Theatre over the 10 years it operated, giving a unique insight into the people, life and history of The Fugard.

Falls The Shadow

A documentary chronicling the life and times of Athol Fugard. Produced by Portobello Pictures and directed by Tony Palmer.

Interview with architect Shaun Adendorff

Architect Shaun Adendorff, from Rennie Scurr Adendorff, speaks about the journey of designing and building The Fugard Theatre.

Interview with Founding Producer Eric Abraham, featuring Athol Fugard.

Founding Producer and philanthropist Eric Abraham speaks about deciding to open The Fugard Theatre and why he decided to name it after Athol Fugard and reflects on the 10 years the theatre was open.

Setting a New Course

In late 2010, The Fugard Theatre welcomes a fresh management team, led by Daniel Galloway. This video explores the theatre’s captivating early years, revealing its change in artistic vision through interviews with key members of the Fugards management and creative teams.

Moving at a pace

A captivating look into some of The Fugard Theatre’s remarkable original productions. Get an exclusive glimpse into some of the brilliant minds of the key creatives who brought these shows to life, as they share their insights and experiences.