Statements After An Arrest Under The Immorality Act


First performed at the Theatre Arts Admin Collective, the production later ran to capacity houses at the Fugard Theatre Studio. Statements After An Arrest Under The Immorality Act centres around two lovers, a coloured man and a white woman, who meet in the library where she works. Sitting naked in the dark, their love is threatened by the fear of being discovered and the tensions between them. When a neighbour reports them, everything falls apart, the police eve, and they are arrested under the universally pilloried Immorality Act.

The production featured Bo Petersen, Malefane Mosuhli and Jeroen Kranenburg. It was described by Athol Fugard himself as the best production he had seen of his work directed by someone other than himself. The show was designed by Guy de Lancey and directed by Kim Kerfoot.


First performance
24 January 2012

Final performance
18 February 2012

The Fugard Studio

Original Cast

A White Woman (Frieda Joubert)
Bo Petersen

A Coloured Man (Errol Philander)
Malefane Mosuhli

A Policeman (Detective-Sgt. J. du Preez)
Jeroen Kranenburg

Creative team

Originally produced by the GIPCA, Baxter Theatre Centre and Theatre Arts Admin Collective Emerging Theatre Director’s bursary in November 2011.

Written by
Athol Fugard

Directed by
Kim Kerfoot

Guy de Lancey

Sound Design
Tinarie van Wyk Loots

Graphic Design
Signature Design

Jesse Kramer

Production team

Production Manager
Greg Karvellas

Stage Manager
Ben du Plessis

Assistant Technical Stage Manager
Clint Hlube


“…one of the best of my work that I have ever seen … here in South Africa and abroad…”

Athol Fugard

Production photos