Kristal Vlakte


Kristal Vlakte was part of the 2016 Suidoosterfees and was performed on the main stage of the Fugard and opened on 29 April 2016. From the shreds of war, Priscilla hawks for her and her family ʼn life together. The community thrives at the intersection of political orders, gang bosses, and religious leaders. Sometimes there are islands of peace, as in any good war. But war is like love: it will find a way. And as long as blood pressure beats, Priscilla’s smuggling business will survive, in the back streets of history. Amy Jephta’s epic play told the story of a community and a story much larger than that of individual characters.

This reworking of Bertholt Brecht’s Mother Courage offered no simple answers but cuts social reality open to the bone.


First performance
28 April 2016

Final performance
7 May 2016

Main Theatre


Ilse Klink

Brendon Daniels

Royston Stofels

Dean Smith

Bianca Flanders

Taryn Wyngaard

Riaan Visman

Daniel Richards

Gantane Kusch

Ruben Engel

Antonio Fischer

Creative team

Amy Jephta

Marí Borstlap

Assistant Director
Ira Blanckenberg

Musical Director & Sound Design
Wilken Calitz

Rocco Pool

Lighting Design
Kieran McGregor

Production photos