Vigil opened at the Fugard Studio and starred Graham Hopkins and Vanessa Cooke.

A nephew receives a letter from his old and dying aunt. He rushes to her bedside. What transpires is not what he expects. It is not what anyone expects. Vigil is a quirky, dark comedy which is constantly surprising and, by turns, both hilarious and profoundly moving. It is about life and death, family, loneliness, and the often unlikely connections between people. It is wildly irreverent about death without ever being obnoxious or distasteful.


First performance
13 July 2013

Final performance
3 August 2013

The Fugard Studio

Graham Hopkins
Vanessa Cooke

Directed by
Christopher Weare

Written by
Morris Panych


“Brilliant entertainment”

Cape Argus

“… verrassend en bitter snaaks”

Die Burger

“Laugh out loud funny”

City Press

“Captivating from beginning to end. A gem of a play.”

What’s On In Cape Town

“A poignant black comedy .. expertly sweetened with just the right type and amount of humour.”

Sunday Independent

“A pleasure to watch and experience. Refined artistry at its most profound.”

Biz Community

“Theatre at its finest”

Cape Times