The Snow Goose


Contagious Theatre brought their beloved hit show – The Snow Goose – to The Fugard Theatre, which played from the 9th of April to the 4 May 2019.

The Snow Goose is a timeless classic based on the Paul Gallico short story. A chance encounter between a hermit and a young girl blossoms as they nurse an injured wild goose back to health n the marshes of Essex in the 1930s. Their idyllic world is turned upside down as the chaos of war intrudes.

With the use of masks, ingenious staging, and the performance skills of Taryn Bennett and James Cairns, Jenine Collocott has created a theatre gem that has enthralled audiences who watched the show at the Fugard Studio Theatre.


First performance
9 April 2019

Final performance
4 May 2019

The Fugard Studio


James Cairns

Taryn Bennett

Creative team

Directed and designed by
Jenine Collocott

Adapted by the director and the cast

Masks by
Jenine Collocott

Sound design by
Peter Cornell

Puppet props by
Alida Van Deventer

Stage round by
Nick Vermeulen Engineering


“An arresting and memorable theatrical coup.”

Sunday Independent

“Will linger long after you leave the theatre.”

Cape Times

“The Snow Goose is a magical theatrical experience. I was enthralled by the entire performance, which was interjected by humour and that left me with a tear in my eye at the close of the final scene.”

Cape Etc

“Cairns and Bennett are magnetic on stage.”

Sunday Times

“Leaving a remarkable residue of both sadness and joy in its wake. A wonderful piece of theatre.”

Weekend Special

Production photos