Cape Consort: The Matrix of the Madrigal


The Matrix and the Madrigal Monteverdi Live (The Monteverdi Project – Part I) was performed at The Fugard Theatre on 12 February 2012 and played for three consecutive Sundays in the Fugard Studio.

Nothing short of a modern day soap opera: A man (a shepherd) falls in love with a girl (a nymph). Completely besotted, he acts like a fool. His friend can provide no comfort as he himself is having lady troubles. The shepherd loses track of his flock and must go in search of it, thereby leaving the nymph. The nymph is devastated and close to overdosing (on chocolates). And that’s just the start of the affairs and affections and heart ache.


First performance
12 February 2012

Final performance
26 February 2012

The Fugard Studio