Die Reuk Van Appels


Die Reuk van Appels ran at the Fugard Studio Theatre from 23 October to 17 November 2018. The coming-of-age story of Marnus Erasmus, the 11-year-old son of a South African Defence Force (SADF) general. It eloquently captured the Afrikaner mentality in the late 1970s and early 1980s and the brutal consequences of apartheid and militarisation of South African life.

Die Reuk van Appels was based on the acclaimed 1993 debut novel of South African author Mark Behr. Presented by Theatrerocket Productions and adapted for the stage by Johann Smith, it starred Gideon Lombard and was directed by Lara Bye and adapted from the book by Johann Smith, Lighting Design for the play was by Kosie Smit with Gideon Lombard created the Sound Design.


First performance
14 November 2017

Final performance
2 December 2017

The Fugard Studio


Gideon Lombard
Marnus Erasmus

Creative team

Presented by
Theatrerocket Productions

Adapted for the stage by
Johann Smith

Directed by
Lara Bye

Lighting design
Kosie Smit

Sound design
Gideon Lombard





The Star / Pretoria News


Cape Argus

“Riveting physical performance transcends language..”

Weekend Special

Die reuk van appels is ontroerende teater wat verpletter, en wat die staande applous – ná ’n oomblik van verbysterende ongeloof en gehoorstomheid – verdien!”


“Lombard’s performance as Marnus is a triumph…”

Broadway World SA

Production photos