Wie’s Bang vir Virginia Woolf


Wie’s Bang vir Virginia Woolf – translated by Saartjie Botha and Directed by Christian Olwagen opened at the Fugard for a 10-night season on 28 July 2015 and starred Maria’s Weyers and Sandra Prinsloo.

Being married is not for sissies. Edward Albee’s classic relationship drama exposes a young married couple to a war between ex-marriages in a night of blame, betrayal, debauchery, and fabrication. It is an insane but familiar look at what people do to each other: out of love, out of self-preservation, when dreams and ideals do not come true, and people are left with each other. Spouses who mercilessly outwit each other repeatedly confirm that few things are as funny as everyday cruelty between spouses.


First performance
28 July 2015

Final performance
8 August 2015

Main Theatre


Marius Weyers

Sandra Prinsloo

Wessel Pretorius

Greta Pietersen

Creative team

Written by
Edward Albee

Directed by
Christiaan Olwagen

Costume Design
Birrie le Roux

Set Design
Jaco Bouwer