Broken Glass


Starring the late Anthony Sher, Broken Glass was one of the first large drama scale productions produced by the Fugard Theatre in its early years.

Set in Brooklyn in 1938, Sylvia Gellburg is afflicted by a mysterious paralysis of the legs. It is unclear if her illness is the consequence of her identification with the Jews currently being persecuted by Nazi thugs in Hitler’s Germany, or if it has to do with the withdrawal of physical affection by her husband, Phillip, and his ambivalent attitude to his Jewishness. The case is investigated by a worldly doctor who starts to fall in love with his patient.


First performance
22 March 2011

Final performance
16 April 2011

Main Theatre


Phillip Gellburg
Antony Sher

Sylvia Gellburg
Susan Danford

Dr Harry Hyman
Stephen Jennings

Margaret Hyman
Anthea Thompson

Claire Berlein

Stanton Case
Patrick Lyster

Cheryl de Havilland

Creative team

Written by
Arthur Miller

Directed by
Janice Honeyman

Set and Costume Design
Dicky Longhurst

Lighting Design
Mannie Manim

Set construction and Scenography
Leopold Senekal
Ronmarie van Tonder

Jesse Kramer

Graphic Design
Signature Design

Production team

Production Manager
Jaco Nothnagel

Stage Manager
Marisa Steenkamp

Assistant Stage Manager
Wilhelm van der Walt

Technical Crew
Clynton Sibusiso Hlubi