Godfrey Johnson in partnership with The Fugard Theatre presents the much- anticipated return of the theatrical tour-de- force, Vaslav, to Cape Town audiences.

Godfrey Johnson, as the titular Vaslav Nijinsky, fills the stage with a breathtaking cast of supporting characters, whilst performing the magnificent soundtrack from the piano. Take a journey into the mind and world of the iconic dancer; not to be missed by lovers of theatre, dance, music and the artistic revolution of the 20th century. Seen as both genius and curiosity, Vaslav Nijinsky remains an intriguing figure today, with numerous biopics and biographies shedding light on this revolutionary of the dance.

Vaslav is the creation of Godfrey Johnson and Lara Bye, based on a text written by the pair, and writer Karen Jeynes. The play is a choreography of dialogue, music and movement, with Johnson drawing on the works of Stravinksy, Rachmaninov, Tchaikovsky, Debussy, Satie and his own compositions, weaving the magic of this world directly from the piano.


First performance
5 November 2019

Final performance
17 November 2019

The Fugard Studio


Based on the diaries of
Vaslav Nijinsky

Performed by
Godfrey Johnson

Creative team

Lara Bye

Lara Bye
Karen Jeynes
Godfrey Johnson

Fiona Du Plooy
Movement Direction

Jon Keevy
Lighting Design

Original Production by KBT Productions Financial assistance generously provided by Daniel Wentzel, Ken Lipinski, The Brooklyn Project (Pty)Ltd


“The opportunity to glimpse genius, both that of Vaslav and Johnson…”

Theatre Scene Cape Town

“In Vaslav [Johnson] reaches new heights… dazzling…mesmerising”

Cape Times

“An intensely memorable, moving piece of theatre”

Sunday Independent

Production photos