The Buckfever Underground: Verkeerdevlei


South African cult rock band, The Buckfever Underground launched their new Album ‘Verkeerdevlei’ to an enthusiastic audience in the Fugard Studio.

The Buckfever Underground is a South African punk folk band created by Toast Coetzer and Gilad Hockman. They specialise in both English and Afrikaans songs but are perhaps, most famous for their single “Die Volk (is in die kak)” from their album, ‘Jou Medemens is Dood, which was featured in a Dutch survey as one of the top 100 best protest songs.


First performance
24 August 2012

Final performance
25 August 2012

The Fugard Studio

Toast Coetzer
Gil Hockman
Jon Savage
Stephen Timm
Righard Kapp
Michael Currin