Open Book Festival 2011


The Open Book Festival is an annual literary festival held in Cape Town, South Africa, focusing on South African literature internationally. The event included over 150 literary events, featuring over 100 authors over five days. Although South African literature features prominently, literature from across the world is also featured, with both Anglophone and Francophone authors featuring prominently in the events of the festival. The central hub of the event was located at the Fugard Theatre. Still, it included other venues in Cape Town such as The District 6 Museum, The Homecoming Centre, the Townhouse Hotel, The Slave Lodge, The Museum, The National Gallery, Central Library and Lobby Books. Authors included: Jay Naidoo, Jonathan Jansen, Tim Noakes, Earl Lovelace, Janet Suzman, André P Brink and Lauren Beukes.


First day
21 September 2011

Final day
25 September 2011

The Fugard Theatre

Mervyn Sloman
Frankie Murrey