The Monteverdi Project Part 3

The Monteverdi Project Part 3


The Cape Consort`s third madrigal concert series at the Fugard Theatre is set during the last 24 hours before an imminent apocalypse. We accompany a young man as he urgently tries to tick off the items on his final to-do list. An old love-affair needs to be resolved, a current relation taken care of, matters of religion sorted, with also some shopping and partying fitted in. In juxtaposing sacred and secular works by Monteverdi and contemporaries from Italy, Germany and England, the group explores the blurred distinctions between the spiritual and the profane, the profound and the mundane, the sensible and the whimsical.

Presented in the same spirit as its highly popular predecessors, The Matrix of the Madrigal and Heart/Attack, the versatile group`s new programme once again promises stirring interpretations of exceptional but rarely performed Baroque repertoire, with high doses of creative flair, sensuality and mischief.

Five voices, period instruments, animated text projections - inspired interpretations of Baroque music in contemporary performances.

Dates & Times

  • Dates

    13 Oct 2013 - 27 Oct 2013
  • Time

  • Price

  • Duration

    1 hour 20 minutes


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