The Fugard to remain closed

The Fugard Theatre & Bioscope will remain closed until we can be confident that staff, performers and audiences will not be at risk as a result of the availability of a vaccine or effective treatment for the Covid-19 virus. We do not envisage this to be until some point late in 2021 at the earliest. Regrettably the majority of our staff have had to be retrenched and a small care-taking team will remain in place to ensure that The Fugard is well maintained and in a state of readiness for the day when it is safe and financially viable to re-open. I would like to thank all staff for their extraordinary achievement over the last decade in making The Fugard one of Africa’s foremost theatres. I would like to thank patrons for coming and supporting The Fugard. Keep well all.

Eric Abraham, founder and benefactor, The Fugard Theatre & Bioscope.