When in doubt say darling

When in doubt say darling
7 – 25 AUG 2018
TUE – FRI 8PM | SAT 4 & 8PM | R140 – R160
The Fugard Studio Theatre
  • Dates

    07 Aug 2018 - 25 Aug 2018
  • Time

    TUE – FRI 8PM | SAT 4 & 8PM
  • Price

    R140 – R160
  • Cast

    • Pieter-Dirk Uys

After a sold-out season at Pieter Toerien's Montecasino Studio, the newest Pieter-Dirk Uys show will be presented at the Fugard Theatre in August.

Sometimes politics repeats itself, not only taking history and turning it into farce, but taking farce and turning into the fake news which is now called entertainment. Pieter-Dirk Uys is sorting out 40 years of distress, disguise and disgust: from apartheid to tripartite, from amandla to Nkandla. Wigs, glasses, wagging fingers, toyi-toyis, red berets, trump cards of madness, icons and aikonas.  From Bezuidenhouts, Raubenheimers and Ramaphosas to Altzheimers.

At a time when a casual greeting or embrace can be seen as racist or harassment, the advice is simple: when in doubt say darling. If you can't remember their names, just say darling. If you get lost along the road to somewhere, simply ask for Darling. He did it, and now Pieter-Dirk Uys also lives in Darling.

Join him and many darlings in this minefield of hashtags and hatespeech, on an exciting walk to the edge of the next cliff, when the end of the world seems nigh. It used to be called a sunset but here's a secret: the sun will also rise tomorrow, darling.

Shakespeare in Love

Shakespeare in Love
FROM 14 AUG 2018
TUE – FRI 8 PM | SAT 3 & 8 PM | R150 – R350
The Fugard Theatre
  • Dates

    14 Aug 2018 -
  • Time

    TUE – FRI 8 PM | SAT 3 & 8 PM
  • Price

    R150 – R350
  • Duration

    2 hours 30 minutes
  • Language

  • Cast

  • Creative

    • Marc NormanWriter, Original Screenplay
    • Tom StoppardWriter, Original Screenplay
    • Lee HallWriter, Stage adaptation
    • Paddy CunneenMusic
    • Greg KarvellasDirector
    • Eric AbrahamProducer
    • Daniel GallowayCo-Producer
    • Lamees AlbertusAssociate Producer
    • Georgia LahusenJunior Associate Producer
    • Paul WillsSet Designer
    • Chris PienaarAssociate Set Designer
    • Wolf BritzLighting Designer
    • Wolf BritzLighting Design
    • Kristin WilsonChoreography
    • Sound Designer, Sound Systems TechDavid Classen
    • Jon KeevyFight Choreographer
    • Birrie le RouxCostume Sourcing and Styling
    • Widaad AlbertusCostume Sourcing and Styling
    • Charl-Johan LingenfelderMusical Supervisor
    • Jill StephensDog Handler
    • Gerhard MorkelSet Construction
    • Carl GersbachSet Construction
    • Eloise MilwardScenic Painting

Adapted for the stage by Lee Hall and based on the 1998 Oscar winning film of the same title.

Young Will Shakespeare has writer's block... the deadline for his new play is fast approaching but he's in desperate need of inspiration. That is until he finds his muse - Viola. This beautiful young woman is Will's greatest admirer and will stop at nothing (including breaking the law) to appear in his next play.


1 JULY 2018
11 AM | R100
The Fugard Bioscope
  • Dates

    01 Jul 2018 - 01 Jul 2018
  • Time

    11 AM
  • Price

  • Duration

    2 hours 20 minutes
  • Cast

    • Rory KinnearMacbeth
    • Anne-Marie DuffLady Macbeth
    • Amaka OkaforLady Macduff
    • Patrick O'KaneMacduff
    • Hannah HutchWitch
    • Anna-Maria NabiryeWitch
    • Beatrice ScirocchiWitch
    • Rakhee SharmaFleance
    • Parth ThakerarMalcolm
    • Kevin HarveyBanquo
    • Penny LaydenRosse
  • Creative

    • Rufus NorrisDirector
    • Rae SmithSet Designer
    • Moritz JungeCostume Designer
    • Paul ArdittiSound Designer
    • James FarncombeLighting Designer
    • Orlando GoughMusic
    • Marc TritschlerMusic
    • Imogen KnightMovement Director
    • Jeremy BarlowFight Director
    • Kevin McCurdyFight Director

Screened as part of the 2018 Fugard Bioscope World Arts Cinema Season. From National Theatre Live.

Shakespeare’s most intense and terrifying tragedy, directed by Rufus Norris (The Threepenny Opera, London Road), will see Rory Kinnear (Young Marx, Othello) and Anne-Marie Duff (Oil, Suffragette) return to the National Theatre to play Macbeth and Lady Macbeth.

The ruined aftermath of a bloody civil war. Ruthlessly fighting to survive, the Macbeths are propelled towards the crown by forces of elemental darkness.





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