Fabergé: A Life of Its Own

Fabergé: A Life of Its Own



Screened as part of the 2015 & 2016 Fugard Bioscope World Arts Season.

Discover the fascinating story behind one of the most prestigious names in luxury.

Enjoying unprecedented access to Fabergé’s greatest creations, insights from leading experts and interviews with descendants of the Fabergé family, Fabergé: A Life of Its Own charts the rich history behind the iconic luxury brand and offers the chance to experience exquisite Fabergé pieces in intricate detail on the big screen.

Also presenting the extraordinary unveiling of two historic pieces: the remarkable story of a lost Imperial Egg, and the first ‘Imperial Class’ Fabergé Egg produced for 99 years. This cinematic event offers a rare opportunity for the public to see these unique works of art before they disappear into private collections.

Dates & Times

  • Dates

    27 Sep 2015 - 27 Sep 2015
  • Time

    11 AM
  • Price

  • Duration

    1 hour 22 minutes