Dear Reader

Dear Reader


Dear Reader returns to South Africa in December for a National tour.

Dear Reader isn`t so much a band as a one-woman show; that woman being South African bred, Berlin-based, Cherilyn MacNeil. A song-writer and raconteur, she is returning home to South Africa to perform the musical stories that have captured hearts across Europe. Formerly known as Harris Tweed (along with former musical partner Darryl Torr), Dear Reader has matured into a unique and remarkable sound in the alternative and folk-pop music scene. Dear Reader has been prolific, producing four studio albums, starting with 2006`s The Younger, then Replace Why with Funny (2009), Idealistic Animals (2011) and 2013`s Rivonia, which received two South African Music Award nominations this year, including "Best Female Artist", and great reviews for its emotional and poignant take on South Africa`s recent history.

Dates & Times

  • Dates

    12 Dec 2014 - 12 Dec 2014
  • Time

    8 PM
  • Price

  • Duration

    2 hours