Screened as part of the 2017 Fugard Bioscope World Arts Season. From The Royal Shakespeare Company.

Filmed at Stratford-upon-Avon, this screening offers audiences a unique chance to see Shakespeare’s rarely performed tragicomic romance, a story of power, jealousy and a journey of love and reconciliation.

Cymbeline is a ruler of a divided Britain. When Innogen, the only living heir, marries her sweetheart in secret, an enraged Cymbeline banishes him. But a powerful figure behind the throne is plotting to seize power and murder them both. Innogen embarks on a dangerous journey that will reunite Cymbeline with a lost heir and reconcile the young lovers. Melly Still directs Shakespeare’s rarely performed romance.

Cymbeline, the second of what some scholars term Shakespeare’s ‘Romance’ plays (the others being Pericles, The Winter’s Tale and The Tempest), was probably written in 1609.


Dates & Times

  • Dates

    05 Feb 2017 - 05 Feb 2017
  • Time

    11 AM
  • Price

  • Duration

    3 hours

Cast & Creative

  • Cast

    • Gillian BevanCymbeline
    • Bethan CullinaneInnogen
  • Creative

    • Melly StillDirector
    • Anna FleischleDesigner