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aKing Live


As if seeing aKing live at the Fugard on 10 and 11 March isn't enough of a treat, a free copy of the new album, The Red Blooded Years, was thrown into the mix for price of a ticket.

Their gig at the Fugard showcased a blend of their acoustic ballads, building up to a few hard rocking numbers. The live show included hits from their two gold selling albums - Safe as Houses, Against all Odds, You and I, as well as songs from the new album The Red Blooded Years.

The Red Blooded Years, recorded at Bellville Studios and produced by acclaimed music producer Theo Crous, is unmistakably aKING, but the sonic influences of new member, Andrew Davenport, are impossible to ignore.

The Red Blooded Years is a young rock band's coming of age album. With their maturity and confidence growing, aKING is emerging from the safety of the familiar and exploring the uncharted territory of musical evolution.


“Having a new member in the band allowed for new sounds and influences to creep in," - Hennie Van Halen
“The title refers to our experience of growing up. I suppose it’s the themes of youth which sort of chronicles our coming of age, as a band and as individuals,” - Jaco
“Snakehead” - Venter
Lines from books, thoughts, snatches of conversation, I guess our lyrics kind of represent our bands’ collective consciousness," - Laudo Liebenberg.

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    10 Mar 2011 - 11 Mar 2011